PVC Wall Panels, Not just a cheap alternative??

PVC Wall Panels, Not just a cheap alternative??

PVC Wall panels have a reputation for being functional and very cheap. Both true, but it is also true that PVC Bathroom wall paneling in a shower or used anywhere in the bathroom can simply look stunning.

In my showroom days, i have always been pro bathroom panels, it looks great, no grout, well priced etc and if customers asked me which product was better ie  Mermaid or Multipanel i would list all the positives on both which were pretty much the same and get to the same conclusion that both products were great and just to pick a colour you like. But i did always used to point out that if you wanted to save money then you could opt for the PVC panels but did it in a tone which devalued the PVC panels, which i realise now wasn’t at all a fair representation of what these panels offer. PVC Bathroom Wall Paneling

To the point, PVC Panels are not just cheap and functional, and as all the other MDF or Plywood options the PVC panels have the same profile options, large colour choice and now you order 1200 & 900mm size panels. When planning your new bathroom or shower room then remember you can still have the wow factor with PVC Bathroom wall panels and now available in tailored bathroom/shower kit sizes.

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